“Less stress pet care.”

Vet visits can be very stressful for pets which, in turn, can make visits stressful for you. With this in mind, we’ve designed our practice to help reduce or eliminate your furry friend’s anxiety.

From the moment you enter you will notice the warm wall colors and softer lighting. Our furniture was purposefully chosen to give a feel more like home. We use lavender and chamomile essential oils and pet calming pheromone diffusers throughout the hospital proven to aid in decreasing pets’ fear of unfamiliar places and people.

Classical music, also shown to decrease anxiety, plays in the exam rooms. We’ve done away with the traditional white lab coats and very light colored clothing as we now know that these colors are seen by animals as if they are fluorescing under a blacklight. And really, who wouldn’t be anxious when confronted with a large glowing figure looming over them? All of these things combined with plenty of treats and love, allow for a more thorough exam, better experience and ultimately, improved health care for your pet.